The Inside Skinny: Pattern Interrupting

The Inside Skinny
with Your Pal, Dani


Hiya Superstars,

Welcome to my Tuesday drop-in, wherein we dish deep and personal about the week’s lessons, reflections, a-has, opportunities and breakthroughs.

As always, I love hearing your feedback, as well as your own experiences as they relate to the topic at hand, so please email me back with your own reflections and a-has, and any questions or content requests you may have.

Big love, Superstars. Here’s to a stellar week of magic and wonderfulness.


Pattern Interruptions

This week had me interrupting patterns left and right. It’s been this month’s focus in my Saturday Salon group coaching community, wherein we’ve been honing in on unconscious patterns we’ve been engaging, and then choosing to consciously switch them up, so as to kick our wakefulness into high gear. Inspirations include Gurdjieff’s Fourth Way premises and practices, and Bill Murray’s public shenanigan mythology.

A short list of some of my adventures in pattern interrupting:

• I painted my nails. With sparkles.
• I have been driving in silence, sans blaring music.
• Instead of Vinyasa yoga, I’ve been practicing Hatha.
• I Feng Shui’d my house (while making Feng Shui a verb).
• I made lots of smiley eye contact at ecstatic dance.
• I opted to buy a locally-made moisturizer from the natural foods store, instead of ordering my usual  brand from afar.

What kind of pattern interruptions are you engaging these days? Email me to fill me on how you’re choosing to make the unconscious conscious, as I’m al(l)ways eager to hear what wakey-wakey strategies folks are having success with.

Farewell to Panties the Super Sexy Wonder Lizard

This was also the week that I let my lizard, Panties, go.

Panties adopted me several weeks ago, and – since it’s centipede season – I decided to let him stay. We had a sweet routine, wherein I put out little capfuls of water for him, and showered him with compliments and appreciation. In the later mornings, when he’d scamper into my bedroom to sun himself on my meditation cushion, he would pause next to my desk, and nod hello, and I would tell him how very handsome he looked today, and how much I loved him, and he would nod, and continue on his way.

Alas, upon finding him clinging to the window screen staring out into the backyard, I got the distinct feeling that he really wanted to be back outside in nature with his friends.

That night, I addressed him by the fireplace.

“Panties, you know I love you, and that you’re always welcome here. But, if you’d rather be back outside in nature, position yourself in front of the glass door so that I can see you, and I will let you go.”

The next morning, I was writing at my desk when I heard Panties rustling near the fireplace, where he slept. I turned around to see him standing by the back door, looking at me, and I knew that it was time. I propped the door open for him, and left the room, so as not to create any conflict or confusion for him. When I came back a few minutes later, he was gone.

Sort of.

Panties has since perched himself on the ledge outside my bedroom window, and every morning when I open the curtains, there he is. How do I know it’s Panties? By the twinkle in his eye, silly. And that telltale Panties bootie shake.

The Niche Riddle

My business coach has been nudging, nudging, nudging me to hone in on my just-right niche, because – according to her – “humanity” isn’t an acceptable answer, or an effective means of marketing my coaching packages.

It’s challenging – I mean, stimulating, as I’ve worked with soooo many different kinds of people, and love, love, love being of service to folks’ growth, evolution and “A-HA!” moments. I’ve worked with moms, and CEOs, and creatives, and thought leaders, and lightworkers, and healers, and fashion designers, and stock market traders, and producers, and entrepreneurs, and community leaders, and – well, it’s time for me to narrow it down.

Some words and phrases and visions that are coming through:

“visionary leader”
“female CEO”
“badass truth teller”
“new Earth leader/seeder who KNOWS they incarnated to contribute something massive to humanity, but isn’t doing it, and doesn’t know where to start”
“black sheep”
“HSP (highly sensitive person)”
“lightworkers, starseeds, indigos and Sophias” (as spot on as this one is, it’s definitely not going on my website for all the obvious reasons)
“she who can’t with the matrix for one more freakin’ second”
“that super successful leader who ‘has it all’, but still feels empty and inauthentic and bored”

Truth be typed, it feels mucho weird and limiting to specify “women”, and because I’ve worked with far more women than I have men, I am being nudged to at least niche down on the gender front. Oy.

Fam, I’m inviting your feedback as to what about me and my offerings as a means of helping me niche my ass down. Would you be willing to take a minute or two, and reply back with answer to the following questions?

• What adjectives would you use to describe me as a coach/content creator?
• What value and tangible benefits have you experienced from my offerings and my content?
• How would you describe the benefits of tuning into my offerings to your friends and colleagues?
• How have you been inspired to up-level since ingesting my content?

I welcome any and all words, phrases, reflections and ideas that will allow me to see myself a bit more clearly, and finally hone in on my just-right niche.

Thanks oodles for taking the time to read, consider, and email me back, and most especially, for being an integral part of my ride-or-die tribe. Means the world – I mean, the multiverse.