Aaaallll the Things: The JQ

So, the Jew thing seems to be really up these days…

…which, of course, is inspiring me to poke at it.

I find the multi-dimensionality of “the JQ” (Jewish question) utterly fascinating, and have spent the past few years really digging in, and unpacking it.

I did a deep dive into the Khazaria narrative, which is interesting enough in and of itself, to say nothing of the mind control-spell weaved around it that brands those who even utter the K-word, “anti-semitic”.


The term has become overwhelmingly (mis)used and abused, hurled like a magical Kabbalistic flying star at anyone who dares question the prescribed narratives around Jews and Israel (or the deeper, darker ops they serve to distract from). The highly charged/weaponized accusation immediately shuts down any exploration of, or discourse on the actual topic at hand, instead deflecting to dehumanize those who don’t bow to Zionism, or the other agendas hiding behind the Jew as Universal Scapegoat schpiel.

Having emerged from my Khazarian dive, I find myself reading lots about secret societies, Knights Templar, King Solomon, the House of David, Moses, Egypt, the Kaballah…you know, your standard issue deep Jew woo nerdery.
(Bonus challenge: say “deep Jew woo nerdery” 3x fast, or in my case, just once, without spazzing out)

This real-life hullabaloo about the Jewish media, Israel, the ADL is adding another juicy level to my inquiry. An inquiry I delved into with some really cool, smart people, with some really divergent perspectives on the matter. While I’ve included my conversation with Charles Eisenstein below, in an effort to not overwhelm, I’m using this space to encourage you to scope out the deep dive I did with Robert Phoenix, on his Friday Farcast livestream. We both stretched way outside our comfort zones, and bridged mucho perceived chasms along the way.

I love having these conversations, and encourage as many of them as you and me and all of us are inspired to engage. The more of these conversations we’re willing to have, the quicker we collapse the perceived divide between the people, and come together to create a way better all of it.

Ya’ with me, fam?