Burning Out, Lying Low and Extending Registration for My Last-Ever Pop Prop Teen Course


Hiya, Superstars.

It’s been an extended minute since I’ve reached out, and I feel an explanation is in order. Communication rocks, ‘n all…
The last time I messaged you was to offer a last-call to register for my last-ever Pop Propaganda home school course for teens. The course was priced significantly higher than my previous courses. Here’s why…

In preparation for my impending Language of Betterarchy book launch, I partnered with a hybrid publisher/book marketer. Our deal included a rather major website overhaul, along with click funnels and other marketing phrases I only vaguely, kinda, sorta (don’t really) understand, along with book formatting and other publishing costs. The publisher/marketer suggested that I teach one last Pop Propaganda class to cover the fees, and promised to help me fill the course by connecting me with a conscious parenting group, which happened to also be one of her clients.

It sounded like a great idea to me, given that I had been wanting to record one last live class so that I could turn it into an evergreen course, thus making it accessible to teens the world over, without needing me to teach it in real time. And so it was that I agreed to partner up with the publisher/marketer and her conscious parenting cohort for one last live course.

Insert me having at least a half-dozen luddite-drenched freak-outs while attempting to create a proper landing page for the course, while navigating a slew of misgivings as the publisher/marketer told me – not once, but twice – that I had priced the course way too low, especially in light of the percentages I would be expected to share with the conscious parenting CEO, as well as the publisher/marketer herself.

I guess this is how the big(ger) time works, I thought.

The path to finding my just-right pricing sweet spot has been long, windy and anything but linear. In the past, I have often under-priced my offerings, only to find myself exhausted and over-extended mid-delivery. And so it was that, instead of over-thinking it, I decided to trust the publisher/marketer, and price the course as she advised.

Two days before we were scheduled to launch with the conscious parenting partner, the publisher/marketer told me she still hadn’t heard from them, and that I should just go ahead and launch the course on my own.

“Uh….okay?” I shrugged, and clicked “publish” on the landing page, because sometimes it just feels nice to be told what to do, despite all the voices in my head which had differing opinions on the matter.

As the days ticked on before Pop Propaganda registration was officially closed, I reluctantly checked my sign-ups, consistently praying for none. It’s not that I don’t love teaching this course, or that I wasn’t excited to move my book publishing efforts forward. It’s just that (while it would take me a couple weeks to realize it), I was burned-out – like, waaaayyyy burned out, and couldn’t imagine where I was going to scrounge the necessary energy to lead a course for the next ten weeks.

At the same time, I worried that the cost was prohibitive, and spent a couple sleepless nights berating myself for letting down my tribe, and asking too much of the parents who already had enough on their plates. My inkling was confirmed when I received a comment on an Instagram post telling me that the course was priced too high, and that I “should” be offering it for free. While I agreed that the price for this course was probably a little bloated, the idea that I “should” facilitate a ten-week teen course for no money whatsoever was utterly absurd. Clearly, my tribe and I were not in agreement as to what a fair energetic exchange comprised.

Please, no one sign up…please, no one sign up… was my mantra in the lead-up to the course.

The multiverse heard my request, and delivered on my wishes; and I found myself with all of zero sign-ups, despite the fact that my last course had filled itself to capacity in less than a week.

I’m off the hook, I thought, at which point the truth came flooding in: I was devastatingly depleted and utterly exhausted, and had no business attempting to lead a ten-minute course, let alone a ten-week one. Apparently, sprinting to safeguard/empower humanity at a breakneck pace for the past three and a half years without pausing to catch my breath has taken its toll/not really worked.

With zero students to teach, homework to grade, or PowerPoints to put together, I surrendered to a greater, invisible plan, while taking the opportunity to sleep and rest, and read and sleep, and rest and rest and rest. For about four days. Until David Wolfe shared news of my course on his über-popular Telegram channel, and I was suddenly besieged with emails from parents eager to safeguard their teens from the dangers of propaganda and media manipulation.

Cut to me, scrambling to change the prompts on the landing page, and put a last-minute wait list together.

Less than 24-hours after that, I received a message from Hotep Nation, saying they were interested in supporting me in getting my Pop Propaganda course out to a wider audience, and asking when we could schedule a meeting to discuss.

It was a hilarious experience of the power of surrender – just as I had given up on the course, a great, big batch of support came flooding my way.

Hotep has been great about polling his (way larger) audience on pricing and timing, and we are still honing in on the just right course fees. In the meantime, I am inviting you, free-thinking parentals, to sign up for the wait list, now. The sign-up includes a super short survey on optimal timing, which will go a long way in supporting me in scheduling this course so that YOUR TEEN can participate.

Thanks for rolling with me, fam. Please know that I am devoted to ROCKING this last live Pop Propaganda class, and to finding the just-right sweet spot of pricing and timing that has us all feeling valued, honored and included in the process. Your participation and feedback are invaluable to this end, which is why I am asking you to register, and fill out the super very short survey here, now.

As well, thank you for passing the registration link onto any other free-thinking teen parentals you know, so that they, too, can register their teens for the course.

In the meantime, I’m catching my breath, rebuilding my strength, and prepping to publish my super very awesome new book. Stay tuned for more on that one soon, superstars.

Big love,


P.S. As long as I have your attention, I’m curious to know what you think is a fair price for a one-of-a-kind, 10-week course that teaches teens how to recognize fact from fiction, and propaganda from truth, while helping them cultivate critical thinking skills, and confidence in their ideas, perspectives and authenticity? Email me your just-right numbers here.


I’ve recorded about an illion shows since sending out my last newsletter, and while I’d LOVE to regale you with nudgy snippets of them all, I think the three is the magic number axiom is most appropriate here.

That being said, if you haven’t yet subscribed to my YouTube channel/caught yourself up to speed, I recommend diving into the thought-provoking conversations I’ve shared since March. They’re a meaty bunch, to be sure.  What follows are some highlights…

The Psychology of Non-Perception with Psychedelic Scholar Robert Forte

My dear friend, smarty-pants Robert Forte stopped by the podcast for a rollicking conversation about the psychology of non-perception. He brought research, and references, and oodles of wisdom. This is a must-watch conversation to help us understand how the masses have been mind-controlled to such an extent.

Dishing on the ADL with Robert Phoenix

I was deep into some Tavistock research when it occurred to me that the ADL was likely a Tavistock operation, and that the whole anti-semitism mythology that functions to shut down discourse and destroy reputations was the blueprint for the woke scripts we’re seeing play out now. I reached out to Robert Phoenix to talk about it, and – as usual – he showed way up, and threw down some really interesting pieces of the puzzle.

Going Deep with Alpha Gal Extraordinaire Hunter Muse

While I was on sabbatical (my re-branding of burn-out recovery), I started a new podcast series with Hunter Muse of The Melt Podcast. Hunter and I have recorded three shows, to date (no.3 drops next Wednesday), wherein we get deep, raw and real about all things related to sex, gender and womanhood. I continue to receive enthusiastic feedback on our Alpha Gals series, and encourage you to give it a listen.

Okay, that kinda, sorta catches us up to speed. I’ll be in touch soon with a new webinar offering, and details on my ensuing book launch.

Back to lying low…