Falling Into Expansive Amazingness

I have some amazing news. I hired a superstar marketing assistant!!! Jean Piere is a freakin’ godsend, and is making some really bold, brilliant moves in service to expanding my reach and impact.

As I’m preparing to launch a new book, I’m talking to agents and publishers about partnering with a publishing house who can – clear, cancel, delete – will get The Language of Betterarchy out far and wide. Said industry folks are all asking the same question: How far is your reach? How big is your platform? How many followers do you have? (The answer to that last question is “None. I have a community of like-minded badasses who walk with me.” You can imagine how well that goes over in meetings.)

Anyhoo, my resistance to playing the game isn’t actually helping me win the game, or hack the game, and so it is that I brought in JP to play the game for me, which I guess is kind of a hack, now isn’t it?

To this end, I am inviting you to join my new FB business page, which JP set up, and will be managing for me. It’s a numbers game, kids, and all the numbers I can amass will go a long way in getting my book out to the mostest possible people, and support us in evolving our culture for the betterarchical, and radder, hasta pronto-like.

Full disclosure, there’s an aspect of me that wants to do and fix and control everything about my brand and business. So, when JP started making thumbnails for my videos, and set up the new FB page, said aspect wanted to redo all of it – to hand write the words, and draw all new images, and waste insane amounts of time on all the details that can and have distracted me in the past (see the 9th shadow of Inertia in my culture sphere, combined the 56th shadow of Distraction in my evolution sphere, for the Gene Keys nerds reading this), while doing nothing to expand my reach or impact.

“Let go,” whispers a quieter aspect, as I cultivate trust and surrender, and call in the Gifts of Determination (9th) and Enrichment (56th), and do it all differently.

As such, I’m letting go, giving JP the marketing reigns, and focusing my efforts on finishing my book (93 illustrations done. Woo-hoo! Now, about that cover….), launching my consulting firm, and tying up oodles of loose ends so that I can digitize my homeschool curriculum, and a couple new QL courses, and…and…and…

Stay tuned for more changes, upgrades and expansionings, while enjoying this snapshot of me on a conference call with the Galactic Federation while the morning light bounces off my Pulitzer (one of those aforementioned 93 illustrations peppering that aforementioned paradigm-shifting bestseller).