Deep, edge-pushing, solutions-based conversations with visionaries, original thinkers and rebel badasses, interspersed with Quantum Languaging hacks, Planetary Service Announcements, propaganda deconstruction and scorched Earth cultural critiques sprinkled with Dani’s giggles, wisdom and sass.

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Valley Girls turned conspiracy researchers, Emily Moyer and Dani Katz, deconstruct disinformation, propaganda + weaponized truth while dishing on the nefarious fucktards engineering the globalist agenda/sham show.

Subseries include Psychedelic Fascism and Our Demockracy.


Because of the content, and the hosts knack for wrong-think, Words is available for paying supporters at wordspodcast.locals.com + for Dani’s >$10 supporters at danikatz.locals.com + www.patreon.com/danikatz