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Safeguard Your Teens Against Mind Control, Propaganda and Group Think.

Empower Them with Critical Thinking Skills + Communication Tools that Build Confidence,

Empowerment and Sovereign Agency.

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Dear Daddis,

As I’m sure you’re aware, humanity is currently navigating the biggest propaganda war in human history. The near constant psycho-emotional assault being broadcast through the media is – at its core – a war of words. Whether they are the words being spouted by news anchors, social media influencers or A-list celebrity X, or the words comprising the lyrics to that song you like so much, or the ad campaign smearing so many billboards and buses, or simply those Common Core Curriculum text books, words are being weaponized to control and manipulate us all.

The best way to protect our children from the dangers of fake news, group think, mind control and mis/disinformation is to educate them as to how propaganda functions, how language is being used to manipulate us, and how to use language to safeguard our self-esteem, critical thinking, sacred attention and humanity.

My name is Dani Katz. I am a journalist, author and Quantum Languaging consultant, devoted to teaching rebels, free-thinkers and visionary badasses how language creates reality; and how to use language to empower, uplift, inspire and transform ourselves, and the world.

While I stepped away from teaching my home school courses last year to focus on my busy consulting practice, I continue to receive copious requests to teach my Pop Propaganda course to teens.

And so it is that in response to the wellsprings of demand, I am offering one last LIVE version of this course, for teens 14 and up, which I will be recording and turning into an evergreen course, so that this timely, one-of-a-kind program can educate and up-level millions of teens the world over.

This means, dear Daddi, that you – yes, YOU - have the unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to register your own teen(s) for my last ever live Pop Propaganda course, which I am presenting to DaddiLifers, exclusively.

This course will teach students how to discern the languaging coming through the media sphere, while resourcing them with tools that will allow them to think critically, and to decipher truth from propaganda, while cultivating Quantum Languaging skills that will allow them to use language to empower, uplift, include and equalize the cultural landscape.

Course schedule: Wednesdays, 11-12:30 pm MST, 10 weeks, April 12 - June 4, 2023

Course admission: $2,000

Today, just $1,111 with limited spots for DaddiLife mindful papas.

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"Pop Propaganda is Shayla’s favorite class right now. She appreciates you as a teacher, your teaching style and the content…This class is so necessary in this climate to foster and encourage critical thinking, and you are doing an amazing job!" -Kasia