Punk Rock Valentining…

I received a text this morning from the man I’m dating. Here’s what it said:

“You are my Valentine. Deal with it.”

It would be one thing if the message lined up with his character. Alas, this man is notably communicative, demonstrative, effusive, and open-hearted. Why, on Valentine’s Day, of all days, was he capping off his declaration with this jaded defense?

Because Valentine’s Day has done a number on us all, and has free-thinking folks shitting on it, and closing off our hearts in the subtlest of ways, as though hating on love is the best way to stand up to Hallmark bullshit.

Alas, I have no beef with Valentine’s Day, or love, or any holiday that has us celebrating connection, intimacy or heart sparkles. And, reactive as I have historically been, I’m not going to shit on Valentine’s Day just because the social engineers would have us conflating low-rent chocolate or pesticide-drenched red roses with the fundamental energy that animates the multiverse.

To this end, I thought to share an article from the archives, wherein I break down how, exactly, I flipped the Valentine’s script, and took the holiday back for myself and all of us. Enjoy the read!

In case the links aren’t clear, here it is: https://www.danikatz.com/flipping-the-valentines-script/