The (Imaginary) Omniscience of Victimhood: The Language of Betterarchy excerpt

An excerpt from my forthcoming book, The Language of Betterarchy:

The (Imaginary) Omniscience of Victimhood

Victim consciousness has this uncanny knack for knowing what others are thinking and intending. I’m not sure whether those running victim consciousness are clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, or simply omniscient, but their perception that others are targeting them specifically because of whatever elements define their victimhood is wholly dependent upon the victims’ ability to read other people’s minds. It would be equal parts eerie and cool, were it true. But, the reality is, this “knowledge” is but the delusion of a victim goggle-blind mind.

Not only do those seeing the world through victim goggles claim to know other people’s thoughts, preferences and intentions, but said thoughts, preferences and intentions are conveniently and consistently malevolent. It’s extraordinary how every mind victim consciousness reads just happens to be pitted against it, in precisely the same way(s) that their identity constructs dictate.

In case my sarcasm is too subtle, I’m being facetious. Of course people who are running victim consciousness are not omniscient or clairvoyant, they are just letting their language-warped minds mess with them. It’s this great leap that victim consciousness demands we take, wherein we project negative intent upon our so-called perpetrators.