The Inside Skinny 9/20/22

I was listening to an interview between two Gene Keys community members, who happen to be facilitating the Guides program I’m currently delighting in. One of the women said that it was rare for her to share in the breakout groups on the community calls, because she didn’t know the people, and hadn’t cultivated any safety with them.

It was a completely foreign idea to me – to withhold sharing my truth on a Gene Keys call, or ever, but especially on a Gene Keys call. Specifically the Gene Keys call, because the shared intention that has us all there is personal evolution. To hold back my truth would be to hold back my growth, which is totally out of the question, as well as anathema to the whole context and purpose for our togetherness.

It never occurred to me to allow the fact that I hadn’t established safety with other people to keep me from sharing my truth, because I don’t outsource my safety. I don’t expect other people to be safe, or to make me feel safe. My safety is my responsibility, and I’m safeguarding myself well, which empowers me to speak my truth, and to express myself authentically.

Now, that’s not to say that it’s always appropriate or aligned to share my deepest, darkest shadows with random strangers, or sloppy, integrity-deficient folks. Of course not. But, in a well-contextualized container comprised of self-responsible, self-aware, metaphysical geeks, gathering to consciously evolve? Who cares? So someone judges me. Someone projects onto me. So what? Fortified in the knowingness of my real-deal, unassailable, meta-multidimensional safety, it doesn’t even register in my field.

I intend no disrespect to the woman who shared this experience. Her way is her way, and my way is my way, and neither is better, or righter, or whateverer. It was simply the catalyst for the realization that I continue to choose to take responsibility for my safety, and for my all of it, which is what empowers me to move through the world as I do.

What are your thoughts on outsourcing our safety, Superstar? I’d love to know, because I think this inquiry is meaty and nutrient-rich in a way that my psyche is craving, and maybe yours is, too. Email me here with your thoughts, as inspired.