Why I Said: Bye-Bye, Instagram!

Guess what, Superstar?

I did it! I took the leap, pulled the plug, and got my ass back into alignment, and  integrity, while taking my power back from big tech.

I left Instagram.

It’s a big deal for me, and it was a long time coming. The abuse started a couple years back. Ever since I wrote that most-censored-ever documentary that caused all the fuss, rhymes with “Spam-cremick Too: Bin-clock-formation” and that I can’t actually spell-out or link to without endangering the safety of my Mailchimp account, because 2022 is 1984, the social media platforms have been going the distance to censor, suppress and shadow ban my content.
I’d been saying I wanted to get off their platforms for quite some time, and yet I continued to stay. Like the frazzled woman with the swollen jaw and the oversized sunglasses, trying to hide the abuse she was enduring at the hands of her sociopathic husband, I kept making excuses for the tech overlords who clearly hate my guts and treat their customers like infectious lepers.

How will I promote my business? I worried. What if no one remembers I exist? How will I fill my courses, and stay in touch with my community? How will I stay relevant? What about all the kittens????? (Fun fact: my favorite kind of online kitty porn features runty kittens hogging all the food, and growling with overstuffed kitty mouths when anyone – cat or person – tries to take some).

The fears were many, and loud, and incessant.

Here’s the thing: Instagram hasn’t been working for me for a long, long time; and I make it a practice to NEVER let fear drive my decisions. Except for when I slip out of integrity and alignment, and give my power away to social media, which I’m super, very, thoroughly OVER, and never, ever doing again.

After so it was that after wasting God knows how many tears, telomeres and therapy sessions freaking out about my flailing business, my ever-shrinking reach, and censorship situation #444, while feeling like a supreme victim to the big tech fucktards who were taking it upon themselves to shit on my and our first amendment rights to free expression, I snapped out of it.

I realized that I was in a severely abusive relationship with a demonic entity that would never, ever, ever treat me the way I deserved to be treated, and that the only one to blame for this abuse was myself, given that I was the one was signing onto it, and allowing it to continue.

It wasn’t easy, fam. It took mucho prodding from my new business coach, and lots of EFT tapping, trauma release and prayer, but I finally did it. I took my leave of Instagram, as well as Facebook, and I will no longer be posting ANY of my content on either platform.

[Insert cheers, applause and high kicks here]

I’m going old school, and redirecting my attention to YOU, my email subscribers, trusting that word of mouth, and a small community of superstars who care enough to track me off of social media is fan base enough, and a great starting point for restructuring my business, my content-sharing strategies, and my all of it.

If I was posting this on Instagram, I would ask you for your thoughts and comments about this. AND, as I’m leaning into emails, I’m inviting you to message me back with any thoughts or feedback you have. What’s your relationship with social media like? Do you still feel authentically aligned with using these platforms, or are you – like I was – staying out of fear – of missing out, of marketing your services, of being forgotten, of falling behind? I’m curious to know your experience, so please send me your thoughts, as inspired.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your support, and for rolling with me throughout so many twists, turns and quantum leaps. I’m so, so grateful to have such an inspired, stellar, loving, wise, wonderful, magical, badass, high-vibe community, and am over-the-moon excited to see what we create together as we move forward with more sovereignty and more agency, without the thought police looming over our proverbial shoulders.

It takes a village, fam. Thank you for being my village.


P.S. As of now, I am still inspired to maintain my Telegram and Locals communities, where we can engage on a more regular basis, and continue to collaborate, cross-pollinate, and grow, foster and deepen our community connections. If you haven’t yet followed me there, please do.

I’m still feeling into how much I really, truly want to be posting on these platforms, while honing in on my just-right offerings and angles (hence, the new business coach). As you are inspired to weigh in with requests and/or feedback as to which of my offerings you love most, and want more of, please email me. I’m super very interested in hearing your perspectives on this, and all the things.