a few picks from the archives:


“What to Do When Your Friend Hurts Your Feelings”; Teen Vogue

“Porn is Destroying My Job”; Vice

“Lust in LA: Hot, Sticky and Bothered”, LA Weekly (cover)

“Orgasmic Meditation: The Cult of Clit” ; The Numinous

“Holidays are Stupid, and the (R)evolution Shall Be Illustrated”, Reality Sandwich

“Gender Reassignment: It Sure Ain’t Simple”; Reality Sandwich

“Fuck Western Medicine”; Reality Sandwich

“The Right to Bare Bums”; Santa Fe Reporter (cover)

“So, You Wanna Do Ayahuasca?”; Reality Sandwich

“The Problem with Spiritual Guys”; nerve.com

“So, You Wanna Go to Burning Man?”; The Numinous

“Addicted to Ormus: Gold Fever at the Raw Spirit Festival”; LA Weekly