Armed with a bold voice, a keen critical eye, and a super very expanded perspective, Dani Katz established her reputation as one of LA’s edgiest literary talents while writing about art, sex, consciousness, and visionary/transformational culture for the LA Weekly, back in its early millennium heyday. She has since contributed to dozens of publications, including Los Angeles Times, Vice, Teen Vogue, Swindle, LA YogaWhole Life Times/Magazine and Santa Fe Reporter, as well as Nerve, The Numinous and Reality Sandwich.

In addition to her broad spectrum of formal studies and practical experience, including a Master’s Degree in Journalism from USC, Katz has spent the past several years immersed in the study of Quantum Languaging and conscious communication, researching and perfecting the myriad ways, whys and hows that language influences our every human experience. She is the author of Word Up: Little Languaging Hacks for Big Change – a timely and downright dandy collection of simple communication tweaks and tools with massive evolutionary implications, that every visionary change-maker on the planet would be very, very wise to read and integrate, immediately. Katz works as a Communication Strategist and a Quantum Languaging Coach/Consultant, supporting a growing community of spiritual warriors, planetary superheroes and visionary leaders, creatives, entrepreneurs in actualizing their potential, upleveling their lifestyles, optimizing their offerings and transforming the world for the infinitely more wonderful, by way of their every word.

Known as well for her deceptively simple, über-expressive and utterly adorable line drawings, as she is her wily wordplay, Katz’s illustrations have shown in numerous fine art galleries, and are featured alongside the bulk of her articles, as well as on her super bitchin’ Society6 product line. She is the creator of the cult classic, I Am Calendar, which inspired her transformational coloring book, Yes, I Am, as well as her animated Planetary Service Announcement series, which features languaging hacks, consciousness tips and paradigm-shattering thinky-fodder for planetary citizens who give a shit, and like to giggle. Her PSAs have run on Z Living, Reality Sandwich, Elephant Journal and The Numinous, as well as her on her very own YouTube channel (which you totally want to subscribe to).

Katz is currently developing a half-hour comedy-drama television series loosely based on her nonfiction essay collection, Love in the Time of Chemtrails; and plotting her next Words with Dani podcast episode with OffPlanet Radio's Emily Moyer. She loves hot springs, raw chocolate and dangling participles, and currently lives in the middle of a giant black question mark on top of a magical hilltop in her native Los Angeles.