The Inside Skinny: Labor Day(ish) Edition

Sayonara, Coach

I was surprised when my business coach asked me if I thought she should subscribe to my mailing list. Not because I thought it odd that she would project the word/idea of “should” upon me, but because I’d assumed she had already signed up for my mailing list. And my Patreon. And my Locals. And my Telegram. And my YouTube channel. While scouring my websites, and my every offering, and wracking her brain as to how she could move mountains to help me achieve my goals.

“I’m not going to do any of that,” she clarified during session #3.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for boundaries, but given that I invested substantially in her 10-session program, and accompanying promises to help me restructure, and craft a lucrative, value-rich, balanced, fun business without social media, I wasn’t exactly sure how she was going to pull it off without a wide-angle lens on all my efforts and offerings.

Moving forward, I shrank my expectations, and shrank, period, wanting to be easy, and to go with the flow, and make the arrangement work, even though part of me already knew that it wasn’t, and it wouldn’t.

“What do you feel like working on today?” she’d ask on our calls, after catching me up on her personal life/weekend adventures.

“Uh…” I’d stammer, as I do when faced with questions that overwhelm me. “Monetizing my genius and streamlining, so that I’m not working all day, every day?”

“Oh-kay,” she’d respond, clearly chuffed at my lack of clarity as to how to business coach myself. “What does that look like today?”

If I knew, I’d be doing it, I barked in my head, instead of paying you to help me figure out how to do it, which would require you to engage, and be curious, and step towards me in parsing it out amidst the overwhelm, instead of standing on the sidelines being annoyed with me.

“How about looking at growing my group coaching salon?” I asked instead, lest she think me difficult.

“But you are difficult,” my therapist reminded me.

Oh, right.

It was just after our seventh session that she emailed me to let me know she was going on an impromptu vision quest (it was that, or a festival!), and would be offline and totally out of communication for the next two weeks.

“I would NEVER do that!!” I vented to my therapist. “I would never drop out of communication when I have clients on my schedule, and we’re in the middle of a process.”

“Of course, you wouldn’t,” he agreed. “Because you genuinely care about your clients, and she doesn’t.”

As the words still floated between us, I flashed on my Gene Keys profile. In that system, my purpose lies in the 27th Gene Key, about which author, Richard Rudd says: “If you have the 27th Gene Key…you’re a carer. You’re a planetary healer.”

It’s (part of) what makes me a next-level, fantastic coach: my care. And my devotion to my clients, and their results.

Dani makes you feel heard. I appreciate her coaching style. She offers real life solutions in the form of language upgrades, mindset shifts and energy focus. Her approach is honest and direct.


Dani helped me to clarify my life’s goals, flush out the bullshit and go after everything I wanted. Everything that I workd on with Dani came to fruition – almost like magic.
– S., Wall Street trader

I dissolved my agreement with the coach. The feelings of relief that swept through my body upon hitting the “send” key were palpable. I realized that I’d been playing small and sub in order to make the dynamic “work”, and am – on this end of it – excited to be thoroughly and forever done with that role. My confidence is returning, along with optimism, and new ideas about how to alchemize my empire.

Hurray for breakthroughs, expensive though they may be.

1:1 Coaching Offer is Happening

I gleaned so much value from the feedback so many of you offered me about my coaching and my brand, and was really inspired by the idea of getting just as clear as to what I offer as to who I’m offering it to.

Here’s the offer I’m playing with. Thanks for letting me know how it lands, by emailing me with your thoughts and feels here. As inspired. Free will ‘n all.

My coaching offerings are tailored for expansive, high-level thinkers, be-ers and doers who are committed to their evolution, and are serving the betterment of humanity and planet Earth. To this end, I work with a select handful of leaders, entrepreneurs, high-performers, transformation agents and creatives with big missions, and massive gifts to share with the world.

My work is for you, if you:

  • Know you incarnated to have a major impact on the world/humanity, and yet, you’re not (yet) taking action to this end.
  • Are successfully sharing your incredible gifts with the world, but you’re sacrificing other aspects of yourself and your life in the process, while feeling utterly disenchanted with your “success”/life.
  • Have done A TON of work on yourself, and have unraveled soooo many shadows, while amassing soooo many tools, and yet, your life isn’t reflecting all the spoils and wonderfulness that are your birthright, and that you’ve worked so hard for.
  • Are tired of playing small, people-pleasing, compromising your truth, and twisting yourself into countless pretzel-like shapes while trying to fit into a reality construct that makes no sense to you, and can’t seem to handle your complicated totality.
  • Are over biting your tongue, playing it safe, keeping the peace and sleepwalking your way through tired old relationship dynamics that are no longer satisfying or authentic to who you are now.
  • Are ready, willing and jonesing for a radically different way of living, being, and moving through the world.

I just so happen to have space on my roster for two new clients, so if you’re noticing some tingles in your chest, or some flutters in your belly, while a voice inside of you is hollering, “Me! Me! I want to do this!”, email me to schedule a discovery call and feel into the just-right program for you.

Saturday Salon Group Coaching Goes Thematic!


We launched our monthly theme on this weekend’s Saturday Salon call. This month, we’re examining mind control and social programs as a means of liberating ourselves from their grip, and knowing ourselves beyond our programming. The examination invites us to check in with our every opinion and belief: How do I know this to be true? Is this my opinion? How do I know?

I’m so enjoying these monthly themes, which give us four whole sessions to go deep on a single topic. The group is big enough to offer a diverse batch of perspectives and opinions, and still small enough for everyone to share on each call.

Interested in joining our group coaching community? Learn more about it here, or message me for the juicy details. We’d love to have you join us.